Our Promise of Value

Value Proposition

Dataram's memory and complementary products, services and highly specialized IT solutions improve performance, reduce costs, and extend the useful life of your computing infrastructure.

We provide personalized care and a wide range of unique, customizable programs aimed at reducing your IT costs and protecting your investment.

As a manufacturer for nearly 50 years, Dataram has delivered unique memory solutions to enterprise customers and OEM's throughout the world, including 70 Fortune 100 companies.

Our reputation as the most responsive, flexible, caring and supportive company is what separates Dataram from other memory vendors.


The Dataram Advantage

We are Built on People Who....

We excel in our Customer Care. It starts with our pre-sales support and is fully engaged through the lifecycle of our memory.

Our memory specialists offer a personal touch and guide you in selecting the best overall IT solution.

Our size is our asset. We are highly responsive, flexible, adaptable and nimble. We have the ability to customize our offering in many unique ways to fit the exact need of our customers. 


Our Savings Guarantee

We're so confident in our company, our products, and our programs that we can guarantee you savings just for engaging with us.

There are many ways to reduce your memory spend. The simplest may be to just shop around for the lowest price. But we can help you identify and implement many other ways to save with our unique Dataram Advantage Programs.

We can help save on energy costs too! We can consult on the power and cooling trade-offs of various memory configurations, and help optimize a power profile while balancing the performance needs to support "green" objectives.

Whether your memory needs are current DDR4 or much older SDR technologies, we can satisfy your requirements.

Our longevity, skilled expertise, and personalized touch makes Dataram the perfect partner for your company.


Dataram Advantage Programs

Buyback • Memory Evaluation • Advanced Replacements • Installation Assistance • Lifetime Warranty • On-Site Spares • 24/7 Technical Support • Trade-In / Trade-Up • Memory Re-purposing • Enterprise IT Asset Disposition Solutions