Our Commitment to Environmental Quality

Dataram is focusing on our environment by eliminating our use of dangerous chemicals and encouraging environmental conservation. We believe it is part of our corporate responsibility to help ensure that future generations can live in a world where pollution is reduced.

At Dataram, environmental soundness is ranked as a top priority item in business management. We are fully committed to reducing the environmental impact of our products. As part of this effort, we are promoting the procurement of products, components, materials, and raw materials that have minimal environmental impact (“green procurement”) at every stage of their lifecycles – from procurement of raw materials to manufacturing and distribution to consumption and final disposal.

Dataram's Environmental Policy

Dataram’s environmental policy is the foundation of our EMS. It comprises four environmental commitments:

• Define and pursue objectives and targets
• Reduce or prevent pollution
• Make continual improvements
• Meet our environmental requirements

Dataram's ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

ISO 14001 is a series of international environmental management system standards that provide guidelines for developing, implementing and maintaining an environmental management system (EMS). Dataram has implemented an ISO 14001 EMS at our production facility in Montgomeryville, PA to help manage and reduce our impact on the environment in an increasing competitive marketplace.

Dataram’s EMS helps us to evaluate our environmental impact and make modifications that will improve the environment without negatively impacting the company. It enables us to identify new technologies and materials, decrease the volume and types of wastes we generate, and increase compliance with regulatory requirements.

REACH Compliance Declaration

WEEE Directive Compliance Policy

RoHS Statement

Conflict Mineral Policy

EICC Code of Conduct

For more information about Dataram’s green initiative, please contact us.