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Dataram Leverages Intellectual Property Through Sale of Patent Assets

April 4, 2012

Princeton, NJ, April 4, 2012 Dataram Corporation [NASDAQ: DRAM], ) a leading international manufacturer of computer memory, storage and software products, announced today that it has sold thirteen patents and two patent applications to Phan Tia Group Pte. LLC, for a purchase price of $5 million. Under terms of the sale, Dataram retains a license to continue to use the patents in current and future Dataram products including XcelaSAN with limited rights to transfer its license.

“This transaction represents an exceptional opportunity to fund new growth initiatives while at the same time it protects our current product portfolio. The license granted to Dataram under this Agreement will also allow us to market, develop and sell XcelaSAN as well as other existing and new Dataram products that incorporate the technology based on these patents. They are all protected under the Patent Purchase Agreement”, said John Freeman, Dataram President and CEO.

The execution of this Agreement delivers a significant return on the investment Dataram made several years ago when it committed to use funds to convert certain intellectual property to tangible patent assets. The patents which Dataram sold covered solid state storage and caching products based on DRAM, flash and other solid state technologies.

"Historically Dataram has been a company rich in innovation and intends to maintain that position. An integral part of our overall strategy is to continue to develop intellectual property and convert those assets into patents. A number of Dataram’s patent applications are not included in this transaction and we are in the process of applying for additional patents”, said Freeman.

ipCapital Group assisted in patent valuation, and ipCapital Licensing Company supported Dataram on the negotiation and successful close of this transaction.

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