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Dataram Executes Agreement with AMD for Radeon RAMDisk

September 6, 2012

Princeton, NJ, September 6, 2012 Dataram Corporation [NASDAQ: DRAM], ) a leading international manufacturer of computer memory, storage and software products, announced today that it has entered into a formal agreement with AMD (NYSE: AMD) to develop an AMD-branded version of Dataram’s popular RAMDisk software. Dataram will market the product under the name Radeon RAMDisk and will target gaming enthusiasts seeking exponential improvements in game load times leading to an enhanced gaming experience. AMD intends to offer special Radeon RAMDisk incentives for those purchasing AMD Value, Entertainment, Performance and Radeon Edition memory products.

RAMDisk use has recently stirred great interest and expanded into corporate environments for accelerating specific applications and is being integrated into other commercially available products for which performance is critical. Quality and reliability, a hallmark of Dataram’s enterprise-grade memory products, is a key characteristic of its RAMDisk software that contributes to its exceptional recognition in the market.

“Dataram RAMDisk is one of the top RAMDisk software products in the Windows market. With the increase in memory capacity and reduced cost per gigabyte, now is the best time ever to utilize DRAM to create a lightning fast disk drive. Like all Dataram products, we have not only focused on speed and value, we have applied years of experience with data protection and reliability”, said Jason Caulkins, Dataram Chief Technologist.

Various benchmarks have shown that using RAMDisk results in up to 525% faster game load times, substantially improving the gaming experience. Used in conjunction with AMD memory products, gaming enthusiasts can gain distinct advantages when competing against their fellow gamers. Commenting on the launch of the AMD Radeon™ RAMDisk product in early fourth quarter, Roman Kyrychynskyi, Product Director at AMD said, “With the importance that memory plays in the overall PC experience, eliminating bottlenecks is crucial for avid PC gamers. Our collaboration with Dataram looks to provide the answer with an enhanced storage solution that reduces possible performance plateaus and provide a superior PC gaming experience”.

As RAMDisk continues to gain rapid consumer and commercial recognition, focus will be applied to rolling out the strategic product roadmap for RAMDisk. Particular focus will be directed towards expanding those markets that have already adopted and recognized the value of using Dataram’s RAMDisk.

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